Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Suit is HERE

Okay, so my Killer Quad suit arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm ready to go for Saturday. It is ridiculously cute, and also...ridiculous. I expect to get quite a good bit of teasing for wearing it (especially from my husband), and especially if I don't finish the darn Killer Quad, but I'm going for it. I personally think that everyone in Lane 2 (if not everyone in the pool) should be wearing this suit. And hey, here's the link to order this bad boy if you feel you would like to join me. Come on people!

Today's workout:

*warmup - basic free but I missed the instructions :)

*9 x 100's free descending by 3

add fins for:

*9 x 100's free alternating on 1:15, 1:20

*9 x 100's free alternating on 1:10, 1:30

*250 back warmdown

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