Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cold Time

This image is really unrelated to the entire following post, although I was able to wrap "time" into the title. Clever no? Anyhoo, I had to put it up because it will be my only unpaid modeling gig ever. And of course because you can get these awesome watches at an insane price on JITC today. Okay, so now on to the "cold" portion of the post.

It's cold. And Louise asked me to blog about cold this morning in the locker room. Ask and you shall receive. Here is my morning cold story. The 30 degree temperature is not bad on the walk from the house to the car. Generally I've got gloves on, and a swim parka over my jammies. Taking a seat in the car is a bit tougher as the leather has been chilling for about 12 hours, but with the seat warmer cranked up to high my back side is quite happy by the time I pull into the Burgess parking lot - just in time for me to exit the car and freeze my ass off again. It gets a bit tougher on the walk into the locker room, as I leave my gloves in the car and have to walk about 50 yards in flip flops with exposed extremities. There is a minimal bit of relief when I enter the building. And because the heater is on, the cold factor is still "okay" as I shove on a mildly wet suit in the locker room. It quickly becomes "not okay" when I walk out onto the pool deck clad only in that damp suit to await Tim's instructions. The feet go numb to varying degrees depending on how far I've undershot the start of practice (there is NO CHANCE I'm jumping in before Tim comes out as I've been scowled at too many times for being in before a lifeguard is present, and there is equally no chance I'm wearing my parka out onto the deck as I would then never take it off). Once it the water, assuming we have no heater issues, all is well (especially when we do repeat 500's like this morning - yippieeee!). But, here's what is "beyond not okay". Two words: cold showers. A few more words: cold showers this morning after swimming 5,000 yards thinking about my upcoming hot shower.

I'm at work now, and though my fingers have de-numbed (I literally had trouble holding my coffee on the way here), I know that I will never quite warm up until tonight when I take a hot bath. How's that for cold, Louise?

*warm up:
2 x 250 with last 50 stroke
4 x 125 with last 25 kick

*main set:
5 x 500's descending

*last set:
6 x 50's drill to free

*post workout:
stay in for 1,000 more

*post post workout:
scream through a cold shower

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