Wednesday, February 15, 2012


For those of you who noticed I wasn't swimming at my normal pace this morning (I know, people really keep tabs on that and are always looking at my splits. Not.), this was sadly not due to a hot Valentine-inspired late night of sex. It was instead due something much more illicit. Last night I ate two large and very delicious cupcakes that Noah brought home for me as a "gift". Yes, I loved them. But no, much like having a steamy affair with another man, I shouldn't have conjugated with these cupcakes. It was too much - and I felt terrible after I was done with them. During the act? Great stuff. One had a scoop of extra sugary cookie dough on top they called frosting. On top of that was a mini chocolate chip cookie. And beneath it all was cup sized cake that tasted like barely cooked chocolate chip cookie dough. The other one was basically an incredibly fresh Ding Dong. More sinful than sex? Yes, sadly, I think actually they were. Well, at least more sinful than sex with my own husband.

200 free, 150 stroke, 100 kick, 200 free, 50 fast free (or something like that - frankly I didn't hear the warm up and was just following the leader on this one).

*main set - add pool gear for:
3 x 150s descending, 200 easy, 100 hard
4 x 100s descending, 200 easy, 100 hard
5 x 50s descending, 200 easy, 100 hard

*final set - no gear for:
600 done as free/stroke, free/kick, free/fast

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