Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Swim Around

The other day in the locker room, Rebecca said something I am stealing right here and now. She mentioned that while she's been faithful to her husband for decades and doesn't have much to say about sleeping around...she certainly swims around. This was in reference to her lane swapping. Rebecca is known for mixing it up and throwing routine to the wind - hopping over to lane 5 or 2 or even 1 once in a while to experience different paces and people. I am not known for that. Not at all. In fact, I prefer to never move even one lane left or right to lanes 1B or 2B, even when 2A is overcrowded. I like my lane and I'm sticking to it. Sorry Tim.

I do however, love the term "swim around" for a different reason. I, too, have been monogamous with a husband for decades. It's the best - he's the best. I wouldn't change it for the world (really). But that doesn't mean it's not fun to exercise with a warm pool full of attractive others.


Don't tell me you don't notice we're surrounded by hot and generally high powered swimmerbodies clad only in very small pieces of cloth. Through the years we've swum and panted with Olympians, models, billionaires, politicians and just plain beautiful people. We then generally go shower with them. (Yup it's just a fact that the ladies look good enough for me to notice as well - I am proud to shower with each and every one of you strong women!)

So sure, it's a joy to share the same space with beautiful bodies, and swimming with them is a lot less risky than sleeping with them. But I'm not just being sleazy here. I honestly think that swimming has shown me the beauty of every single body type. I love that we are all bold enough to walk out onto the deck in a swimsuit. I love that I've grown to appreciate thick shoulder muscles more than a slim waist. And I love that in the pool and in the locker room, we don't talk about diets or looking good, even though we do look good, dammit.

*warmup: not sure, followed the leader

add fins for:

*600, 300, 150
*400, 200, 100
*200, 100, 50

*100 free, 50 kick/scull, 25 underwater
repeat 4x

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Barb B said...

Good for Rebecca, I've always appreciated her style. Swim around and you know more people. More beautiful people,indeed.