Monday, January 28, 2008

Big MM Weekend

With the hour swim (glad to have that behind me, and to have survived without a downpour for timers!) and the Swimmer of the year party, it was a big MM weekend. I know that Sue won the female swimmer of the year (YAY SUE, you deserve it big time!!!) but I don't know who won the male version. Someone please enlighten me.

In my mind however, I was the big winner this weekend because I got a stellar, very very nice bottle of Cabernet from John's cellar for being able to rank Tim's "snappy" like terms in order of fast to fastest and for being a big enough geek to know (roughly) his time in the UltraMan race (what a stud).

I brought that wine home and drank it (with three other people of course) last night with a big fat meat lasagna. Thank you John! And thank you team for such a great weekend.

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