Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Peace Love Bono and Pull Sets

So I'm just back from Sundance, where I saw some amazing films, and where I got sick and missed the opening of U23D and the kind of proximity to Bono that I've dreamed about since I was twelve. I sent my camera along with my sister in law, and she brought back images that made me feel only sicker (that I couldn't have been there). Still, the vacation was amazing, and you all MUST SEE the following films:

In Bruges
Yellow Handkerchief
The Wave (a German film that is adapted from a real life fascism experiment done here at Palo Alto High in 1967 with sophomores)
The Wackness

And, yes, it feels good to be back in the pool :)

*warm up: 3 x 250's free with last 50 non-free

add pull gear for:

*3 x 150's free
*3 x 200's free
*3 x 250's free

turn up the tempo for:

*2 x 250's free
*2 x 200's free
*2 x 150's free

1 comment:

Haim said...

It could have been worse...the images could have been from the U2 private party ;)

I am totally envious. There were some great films at Sundance this year. I would have loved to have gone...well...except for the cold ;)