Tuesday, January 29, 2008

John Goldman Wins Male Swimmer of the Year

And he deserves it too, because whatever else he's done throughout the year, he provided me with one damn good bottle of wine as a prize at the swimmer of the year award party, and in my book that makes him swimmer of the year.

Today's workout:

*warm up: 250 free, 50 back; 200 free, 50 breast; 150 free, 50 fly

add fins for:

*400 IM (four strokes then rest is kick)
*200 free (three blue lines streamline, rest is swim)
*300 IM same way
*2 x 100's free same way
*200 IM "
*4 x 50's free "

remove fins for:

*400 free three blue lines streamline kick, rest is swim
*2 x 50's fly to back
*300 free "
*2 x 50's breast to free

*timed 100 kick

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