Thursday, February 28, 2008

CAN you kick it?

Today Tim announced that we have three guys over 300,000 yards for February, and one of those guys spent nine hours in the water yesterday. Time is one thing, and mental ability to be submerged for nine hours a day, but I think if I had the time I could do that. Sure. Easy. What I want to know is, who's got the kind of money to purchase that many cans? That's really what's holding me back. Yah. I mean, 25,000 yards a day for quite a few days in a row is easy. I just...don't have the can money. You know?

*warm up: 30 minute straight swim (that's right!)

*3 x 100's free on tight interval; 1 x 100 sprint
Repeat with IM as sprint

*3 x 50's free on tight interval; 1 x 50 sprint

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