Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two for One

Today we had two coaches - Tim and little McKay (hope I spelled that right, Tim). And if there is anything cuter than a son following his dad during a winter early morning swim workout coaching session (complete with mini parka, mittens and skull cap), then I don't know of it. Just adorable.

*warm up: 800 straight free with every fourth length backstroke

add fins for:

*100 kick (7 strokes then switch dry shoulders); 200 swim (4 and 8 length hold peak of stroke for 3 sec); 100 strong
Repeat 4 times (1st and 3rd back; 2nd and 4th free)

*4 x 200's free: first one with last 25 back, then increasing back on back end by 25

*4 x 100's free

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