Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hooray for Coffee

Another pleasant long-yardage (3500) morning was had today, followed by a very pleasurable and Menlo Masters-heavy trip to Borrone to combine swimming, business (I was meeting a fellow swimmer there under the guise of a business meeting) and my (and eggs). SOTY Sue even showed up - star sighting. Fun times.

*warm up: 4 x 200's: 1, free with last length back; 2, last 2 lengths back...until you have a 100 back at the end of #4

add fins for:
*200 free
*200 free, 150 back kick
*200 free, 150 back kick, 100 free
*200 free, 150 back kick, 100 free, 50 back stroke

keep fins on for:
*25 back kick, 50 free, 75 backstroke, 100 free, 125 back kick, 150 free, 175 backstroke, 200 free

keep fins on STILL for:
*5 x 100's: first 100 all free, gradually getting to 100 all back on 5th

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