Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Working out more room for The Love

As Valentine's Day approaches it's nice to get all that negative juice out of the bod and into the pool gutters. Sure Valentine's Day is a Hallmark cheeseball holiday, but I still expect to receive and give out grand portions of love and cookies on that day, and a bit of jewelry on my pillow is very nice too. Still, if that sparkley gem does not arrive, I'll fall into bed with happy muscles thanks to workouts like these:

*warm up: 7 x 100's free

*3 x 200's free on tight interval followed by 8 x 25's kick to 3rd line then stroke

*2 x 300's free on tight interval followed by 4 x 25's in IM order

*Eat warm muffin from Borrone and be happy

1 comment:

Barbara said...

thank you Sarah! I was gonna bag practice today, but seeing the workout and thinking about V-day has me going for my swim bag. I'm looking forward to a bouquet of flowers and a corny card.