Friday, December 5, 2008

Cold, but not that cold

It's cold this morning, but at least it isn't sub-40, about to snow, and just before I'm about to start a 5 mile turkey trot as was the case last Saturday in this photo. Jersey trot. Whoohooo!

So today we did a lot of "sprint" fist free and sculling, which to me feels a lot like attempting to have sex on a loosely filled water bed. To attempt to sprint while removing the very things that push the water past you and create speed (your palms) is just not efficient, not quickly satisfying. But, I have faith in Tim of course...that these exercises are making me a stronger performer. In the pool of course.

*warm up: 3 x 300's free with last 50 of each stroke

*25 underwater streamline, 50 fast
*2 x 25's kick and scull, 50 fast
*3 x 25's half length fist free fast, half length backwards scull, 50 sprint
Repeat 3 times

*50 fast while doing these four things: a deck-out, a sommersault, a bottom touch (yes, I asked Gary if I could simply touch his), and a stroke of fly
*50 easy
Repeat 5 times

*Relays (of if you are me, jump out and hit the warm pool)

1 comment:

Haim said...

Speaking strictly for myself...any drill that "feels a lot like attempting to have sex" -no matter the venue- can NEVER be a bad thing ;)