Monday, December 22, 2008

Latke Love

I love fried potatoes. Merge them with sour cream and I can't stop downing them. This is why I love Hanukkah, which started last night. What I don't like is the constant smell of grease in the entire house for eight straight days as a result of cooking them (and that's even if you only cook them on the first night). Swimming is 100% necessary during this eating season. Thank goodness for Tim and his ever-interesting workouts!

*warmup: 300, 200 stroke to free, 100 kick, 50

*25 scull, 50 streamline kick, 75 stroke, 100 fast free
repeat 3x

*100 scull/kick, 2 x 75's IM, 50 slow motion free, 2 x 25's fast free
repeat 3x

*2x100's fast free

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