Thursday, March 22, 2012

Go Leslie!

Nothing inspires me more than seeing swimmers older than I am kicking butt. All you twenty-somethings can do this uber workout thing, of course. You're young. But as we get older, it gets harder, and we all worry about how long we'll be going strong. 58 is nothing of course - Leslie has some serious gaming left to do - and given this article I expect to see her in the pool for 30 more years at least. Way to go Leslie and all you Menlo Mavens!

Speaking of going strong, or maybe of slowing down in my own case, today's workout was ROUGH, especially following Lanshin. I never ever ever break the set and rest, but today I did. You got me Lanshin.

*warmup: 9 x 100's most free with every 3rd one IM

add fins for:

*700, 600, 500
first, middle and last lap done as underwater or fly

*150, 200, 250, 300
first and last 50 kick, rest hard

remove fins for:
*fast 100 IM
*easy 100 free

collapse in shower.


Barb B said...

Along those lines of workouts getting harder, Marianne cracked us up this morning, telling us that "butterfly is the first thing to go." Swimmers don't age in terms of body parts, just strokes and times.

Lanshin is crazy with fins on.

Adam K. said...

Nice of Sarah not to mention Lanshin was also kicking butt and taking names of the Lane 1 boys once she put the fins on...

But at least we got a chance to stage a comeback today with the pulling set! :-)