Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Tim's Words

Today I wanted to pass along Tim's words about Heidi. See below. Beautifully said, Tim!


Heidi Renner has passed, and we miss her. This past Saturday as the final
members of our team were leaving the pool after a morning full of lively,
refreshing swimming...Heidi took her final breaths.

Heidi's time with Menlo Masters was nothing short of remarkable. She
embodied a true teammate, embraced the sport she so loved and scattered her
genuine joy for life throughout the team for well over a decade.

Heidi spent most of her life bypassing sports because she did not feel she
was capable nor was she worthy of such pursuits. Her first stroke at the
age of 8, set up this way of thinking.

Through the loving hard work of her family she fought back to live a
healthy, super-productive life, and was encouraged by her sister late in
life to try swimming.

Swimming ignited Heidi's spirit and it was the place in her life where she
felt the most graceful. Her absolute joy with the sport, her team and
herself was evident at every single swim session. In a sense it made her
better and in turn she made everyone around her better.

Heidi shared and cared fully. I knew most of her family members, her
triumphs, her challenges and her dreams. And, because of the person she was
she knew the same about me.

I keep visualizing her approach to the pool, her stroke and her exit from
each workout, all things that I have witnessed thousands upon thousands of
times. She has enriched my life and I will be forever grateful.

Tim Sheeper
Heidi's Swim Coach

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