Saturday, June 16, 2007


How do you know one of your lane mates is getting in serious shape? They choose to do fly whenever Tim offers up a stroke choice, and sometimes even when he doesn't. Nothing bursts your "I'm feeling good today" bubble like the guy who's following you choosing to do fly on a free set and touching your toes on lap four.

Emmit is in some serious shape for his upcoming Ironman race. "Oh no, you lead," he'll say demurely when I ask if he wants to go ahead on a big free set. For a minute I'll feel good, like "Okay hey I'm the leader, I'm the top dog." Then he'll say, "I'm doing fly."

Today's Workout:

300 easy free
2 x 25's kick
2 x 25's stroke
300 moderate free

*100 choice broken at the 25 for 5 seconds
2 x 25's kick
100 choice broken at the 50 for 5 seconds
2 x 25's kick

*4 strong 100's choice. Sane folk chose free of course. Emmit-the-bad ass chose fly, I think just to make the rest of us feel weak ;-):
100 strong
50 recovery
100 strong
100 recovery
100 strong
150 recovery
100 strong
200 recovery

*4 more strong 100's choice, this time with a single 50 of recovery between each

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Emmit said...

I can't let you get away with everything...