Monday, June 25, 2007

MP Escapes from Alcatraz

It was one of those San Francisco days you cannot quite believe. The sky was cloudless (and fogless!) at 6:45 AM and it was too warm for a sweatshirt already. Alcatraz glistened (okay, more like poked out of a glistening Bay) in the Bay and runners were so thick on the Marina trails that Kathleen and I could barely make our way over the hill to Aquatic Park on foot (I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea: NICE day).

The other times I've swum from Alcatraz have been gloomy. Prison escape weather is all I can describe it as, and I was always scared shitless to jump off that boat and swim against the currents to the beach.

This time, it was a joy. And lo and behold, Menlo Park swept first and second (I knew I should have held Kathleen's ankles at the starting line) place for the ladies. Whooohooo! We also saw Chris Kellerman there swimming with a group of buddies to raise money for a special child. He did some worldly good and won his age group too. Go Menlo Park!


Haim said...

Since no one else commented, let me be the first to congratulate you and Kathleen on those great swims. First and second women OVERALL are awesome results.

Tom Anderson said...

Great job you two. You represented the team well! perhaps if you had mentioned body piercinngs and a new bathing suit you would have received more coments! Thanks for the entertaining reading.