Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Miss You

I gave my husband a break this morning and didn't go to the pool, since I'm swimming Alcatraz tomorrow and his morning will be gobbled up by my early departure. But Saturday just isn't Saturday without the swim, and I'm having withdrawals. I know I'm a sicko and I should just work on healing my chlorine addiction, especially since it seems I will be giving up one of my four swim mornings, starting this week. The hubby is working his ass off, barely making it to bed by 1 AM after getting home for a few hours with the kids and then going back to work on his start-up venture after bed time (while I go immediately to sleep), and then getting back up at 5 AM with our little guy while I go off to swim (damn those early rising children!).

He seems miserably tired and unable to find time to get a workout in, while I'm having the time of my life swimming and running and (yes also working hard but...) going to bed by 9. Giving him this one morning off seems to have helped already. He slept more than four hours last night and then got up for a good long run. They say that if the woman's happy, the family's happy, and that's true. But Dad's gotta be able to function and stay healthy too, I guess. So, I'm taking one for the family team and giving up one swim per week. I miss it already, but I've also already started scheming ways to slip in swims during the days I work.


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