Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bacsktroke as Crucifixion

"All things not at peace will cry out" wrote Chinese poet Han Yun, centuries ago.

Along the same lines, "Mom of two young boys going through whiney stages needs to swim daily" said I, last night after three days away from the pool.

This morning - ahhhhhh - my sore throat is gone and I have successfully "cried out" by attempting nearly 3000 yards of backstroke. I never liked backstroke until, G-d bless him, the great Dick Bennett once told me something like "Your arm is rotating too far above your head. Pretend like you're being nailed to a cross when you stroke". Okay, I think he said to pretend I was making a T when stroking so that my arm did not go up too far above my head, but whatever he said, it worked immediately, and today Tim didn't have to pick on me for overreaching. I still swim backstroke thinking about Dick (and J.C. of course) and being nailed to the cross instead of raising my hand above my head. Rather a macabre thought process for swimming backstroke, but it works.

*warm up with 4 x 150's beginning with one lap backstroke at end and increasing # of backstroke laps to 4

*4 x 50's backstroke on the 1:00
*150 free with middle 50 fast
repeat 3 times

add fins for:

*300 backstroke drill (50 mostly kick, 50 right arm, 50 left arm, 50 double arm, 100 regular)
*200 free "fast"
repeat 3 times

*25, 50, 75 back done with 5-7 underwater dolphin kicks per push-off

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