Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Bad News

Just as the shock over Lori's story was starting to fade to sadness I heard about Karl's battle with cancer. Jeff told me this morning that Karl is about to endure chemotherapy every other week for the next six months. It goes without saying that we will all be pulling (hopefully not literally since I am not a fan of gear) for Karl and keeping him in our thoughts. It just seems like too much bad news for one team, during one week, but the good news is that I know these two people are strong fighters.

If Karl pounces on this nasty cancer as heatedly as he follows the swimmer in front of him (right on their toes, dammit), I've got no hope for the nasty disease. As I told my step-dad when he found out about his cancer two years ago and entered into the chemotherapy routine for six months, "KICK ITS ASS." He did, and he's not even a swimmer. Go Karl. We are all so sorry you have to go through this and we look forward to having you back at full strength.

Speaking of strength, here was today's workout:

*warm up with 300 free, 2 x 100 as 50 kick 50 swim, 4 x 50 strong

add pulling gear for a massive 2400 yard set:

*400 free, 100 for goal time, 100 as 50 back 50 DPS free
*200 free, 3 x 100's free FSOP (fastest send off possible), 100 as 50 back 50 DPS free

*finish with a 200 free if you can move

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