Thursday, September 6, 2007


The workout email said 3 x 1000's PURE for today and yes it was! Last night I read the short story "Swimming" in the recent New Yorker and this morning it came back to me. As T Cooper wrote, "You know that feeling (while swimming)...where you're pushing so hard that you understand how a body could just as easily die as live, that living is just the absence of death, and thus always in a relationship with death?"

Yes, I know that feeling. All of us do, even if we haven't expressed it so eloquently. At those moments I tend to think about someone or something that has truly pissed me off recently, and I work out the anger. I imagine very inappropriate scenes where we (myself and that offending person) are in a group and they chance to say something slightly off-color. I rip into them and teach them a lesson about ignorance or bigotry or just plain pettiness, and they understand how base they have been. Okay, sometimes I also swimdream about the perfect party outfit during those lifeanddeath moments, but the intense anger seemed a better example to share.

Anyhoo, as if 3 x 1000's weren't enough, after that we did 7 x 100's descending. I am going to eat a big lunch.


Haim said...

Hmmmm...sounds like there is quite a story in there somewhere :)


Emmit said...

You go girl! That is exactly why I swim! Swimming nirvana, I love it. I think I've solved all the world's problems in the pool too, it's just the problem of carrying it out on land that is hard.