Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nice Melons

First, a special shout out to Jana (please let me have spelled that correctly) for her new skull and crossbones suit. Yeeehaw, now we're getting in the Halloween spirit!

Second, I think I'll use this post primarily to run through the many benefits to swimming with Ms. Pinto as a partner in the dynamic duo. Here are some I was reminded of this morning when I was paired with her:

1. Fun team name suggestions (although Tim insisted on calling us "two cute fruits" instead of "two cute SUITS" in the melon ceremony). Helloooo!
2. No trash talking during my rest periods (usually when I am not swimming with Rebecca I have to listen to her slinging sh** while I try to take in air between sprints. When she swims with me, there is near silence during my "off" 50's).
3. Creative ways (we pulled the age card) to account for the fact that although we won our heat, we did not beat everyone in heat 2, namely Deanna and "Wallace's Wife" (whose actual name I will remember as soon as I publish this post). Dang Wallace, she's fast.
4. Winning our heat.
5. Getting a melon, and hearing "nice melon" while walking off the deck.
6. Spending most of our timing period discussing ideas such as instigating a nighttime "drunk dynamic duo" in years to come.
7. Spending the rest of our timing period eating the defective watermelon Tim pawned off on Rebecca.

Good morning, good dynamic duo fun, as always! On to the hour long Halloween swim.


Barbara said...

Sarah--I'm horribly rude! I forgot to thank you and Rebecca for timing Greg and I. Thanks, and I thought you looked cute in glasses. (are thoses for reading? these events make me get my readers out, and even if I feel young, my eyes remind me I'm not!)

Barbara said...

Oh yeah and thanks Rebecca for letting me wear your swimsuit and for your offer, tiny slight Sarah(I dreamed for a moment I could actually fit into your suit), my suit was waiting for me at home on the driveway. In conclusion, my morning could have been a bust without you, congratulations on your melons.