Friday, July 11, 2008

All Lochte'd Up

So last night I took three fired up little boys to see the USA v. AUS water polo match at Stanford. I called three times during the week to inquire about tickets which didn't seem orderable online. The peeps there assured me there would be tickets at the door.

In my normal anally on-time fashion I arrived an hour a sold out game. Many tears (not mine, I swear) and an hour of people watching (this was like a gathering of the Valley's most toned, bronzed swim obsessed folk so it wasn't hard to watch) later, Ryan Lochte emerged from the gates of the pool, clearly fresh out of his work-out and ready to eat. If this guy isn't washing all of his shirts on his stomach then his Maytag is doing unnecessary work. Even amid all the swimmercandy on campus last night, Lochte (shirtless, thank you Ryan!) looked like some sort of past-age prince of the pool. I know he's 24 and I'm not and all but if Dara can still swim in the Olympics at 41 I can still drool over Olympians at 36. Yes? Okay, well, anyway, the Lochte sighting was worth the trip. For those of you who are wondering, I luckily (by a narrow margin) did NOT scream his name and run after him to get an autograph. Thank goodness my kids were there.

Today's workout:
*warmup: 6 x 100's swim, 3 x 100's kick
*crazy circuit training:
4 x 50's varied speed, 1 minute of sit ups
8 x 25's fly or breast, 5 deck-outs at each wall
200 free fast, 1 minute of push-ups ("hahahahahaha" -heard coming from Tim at side of pool)
200 IM, 1 minute of band pulls

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