Thursday, July 31, 2008

Couches and Coaches

Yesterday we said goodbye to a couch we'd had, jumped on, slept on, peed on (not me of course), snuggled on and just plain lived on for ten years. Building Futures Now needed a couch for a family, and we were looking to replace this one just for kicks, so Noah and I hoisted it out of our family room and into the driveway yesterday morning after I slept through practice.

Tim picked it up in a Suburban, and now someone else has our couch. May it be as well-loved as it was here! Incidentally, here's what I love about Tim as a coach and a human being (aside from his swim-studliness of course): he picked up the couch. He got Menlo Masters into this whole Building Futures Now thing with a huge heart aimed at helping EPA kids and families, and he is still willing to spend the middle of his day driving around picking up donation items. Most organizers of huge efforts such as BFN would delegate and send an email to the team "Anyone have time to deliver...?" Instead he does it himself. It's easy to give money when you have too much. It isn't easy to give time when you never have enough. Kudos to our team, and our coach, once again.

*warm up: 400 easy, 4 x 50's strong

*4 x 400's "inefficient swimming": first bit fast (25, then 50, 75, 100), and last 50 fast, swum like "an overaggressive meet swim"

*400 broken at the 100 with first 25 of each 100 fast

*400 broken at the 50 with first 25 of each 50 fast

*400 warmdown


Haim said...

I don't want to take anything away from your well written tribute to Tim. It is well deserved. Tim has a huge heart, and his generosity is truly an inspiration. But, I do want to point out that most people fortunate enough to "have too much" money to give to a worthy cause didn't get there without sacrifice. More often than not that money represents many years of putting in a lot of time "you never have enough" of. Those people deserve just as much credit for their generosity as someone contributing their time...or their couch.

sarah said...

Absolutely. Even as I wrote it I thought, this could be said differently. I guess what I meant is much easier for ME to write a check or give up something of monetary value (even without much extra money) than to give up my time. For that reason I projected that it was harder for Tim to give up his time (knowing he is possibly even busier than me :) that it was for me to place an expensive couch on my driveway. Rough parallel, but you get the idea. :)