Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How did the week escape?

Since last Wednesday I've been wanting to write down the workouts, plus a few other things, and just not getting to it. Time waits for no man, and as I like to runs like hell from every mommy.

Anyway, I'm the proud mommy of two newly made racers. The boys did their first running race in Sunriver Oregon this past weekend - part of the Pacific Crest Triathlon weekend. Phew, I did the 5K and boy was I glad I wasn't doing the Half Ironman. It was hot hot hot, and hard enough to get through the little run in order to jump in the river afterwards. This river swimming is just about as good as it gets in life for me, and we played, mudslide surfed, skipped rocks and did swim challenges in cold water for three heavenly days. We drove the 8.5 hours home very dirty and tired, and I am still ranking this trip very high on my list to do again. If you haven't been here, go soon.

Still, a good old fashioned pulling workout in a pool felt pretty good today. Rivers are refreshing, but that current really makes a long swim tough!

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