Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lagoon Hopping

So. Here I am in paradise. It would be so even if there weren't four man made lagoons like this one, restricted for swimming only, all in a line with beautiful grass in between then for running. But, that exists here too, so, I'm in heaven.

I will bet my life that my workout this morning beats yours, even if you did long freestyle back at home :)

*warm up: stretch on the beach to attempt to work out the coco loco drinks consumed last night.
*cross one lagoon - jump out run to next lagoon.
repeat four times.

*do laps across lagoon #3 for 20 minutes, with push-ups at each end.

*have coffee and go decorate coconuts with the kids to send back home

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Frank said...

wowsers! where is this?