Saturday, July 12, 2008

New research shows shoulder muscles connected to memory retention

So yesterday we did those deck-outs and minute-long push-ups and band pulls to make us look very toned and fast and this morning not only was I sore and struggling to complete a full freestyle arm rotation but my brain could not retain more than one set element at a time.

I have therefore concluded that deck work is hazardous to our mental health and should be eliminated from all future workouts.

On a less serious note, I've been meaning to tell the crew that my current swimsuit is on sale at PA Toy and Sport for $35. It's a Speedo FlipTurn and I love it. I mention it because I have gotten quite a few compliments, not because I think everyone wants to wear the same suit as me.

Today's workout:
*warm up: 250 free, 150 kick, 250 pull, 150 stroke

*4 x 25's done as fast kick for 12.5 then fist free
*2 x 50's first 50 fast, second 50 recovery
*2 x 100's first 100 fast (broken at the 25 for 5), second 100 recovery
repeat 2 times

*100 fast, 25 easy back, 75 swim drill scull
repeat 6 times (first 100 broken at 50, second at 75, third straight, repeat twice)

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