Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's get Dara to Burgess

I think Haim suggested this a few days ago, and Texido just sent me the link as well. Hey, lots of us own Priuses (or is that Prius') and as good as Tim is at swim clinics, it would be totally freaking cool to have a piece of female Olympic history there to give us tips (let's face it, if we win we'll just have a post-Olympic party with her at the pool, no?). I'll bring the beer.

Anyway, click here to get us some votes.

Here's what I put in:
"We are a team of mostly Prius-owning parents :) that does much more than just swim. Our coach Tim Sheeper is a world-class triathlete who has spearheaded numerous community outreach programs and who keeps us all inspired every day, in the pool and out. We think Dara would love our club, and we all look up to Dara."

You can just write "we want to win" in your comment post if you want of course.

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ecloern said...

Hi Sarah,

Marina passed your blog along. Very nice!!! I just started swimming a couple of mornings a week at Stanford and am loving it. I love your blog- great writing. Very inspiring (-:

(we met last summer and took the kiddies to Birges).