Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best defense against the swine flu

If you stay in the pool all day every day, I'll bet the swine flu can't get you. That's one method they didn't cover in the newsletter sent home to all parents at my kid's school: stay in the pool. We got a memo one day saying the memo on the flu would be coming out the next day, and with so much buildup I was expecting more advice than simply: wash your hands, and stay home if you're sick!

Speaking of the swine flu, it's a shame that everyone is so scared (though I'm impressed with the reaction of all of our government organizations, I feel for the people this mobilization freaks out). Seems like a needless worry to me (amid so many). Of course, it's always good to wash your hands 8x a day for 20 seconds at a time, as the school recommends. More water activities = good.

*warmup: 400 free with every 4th length breast; 4 x 100's descending free

*6 x 200's free: moderate, last 50 hard, second 100 hard, 4 x 50's, easy, sprint
*6 x 100's free: moderate, last 25 hard, second 50 hard, 4 x 25's, easy, sprint

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