Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You might be an insane mom if...

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...you do what we all do nearly every morning: swim in an outdoor pool in whatever weather, before dawn. You also might be a really fit and somewhat ready-to-take-on-the-day mom, which is what I am after I swim, and NOT what I am after a non-swim morning. Obviously, the swim is critical to my well-being and yes, it's like a mommy-drug. Luckily, though addictive, it's something that helps my kids instead of hurts them.

So here, folks, is the episode we've all been waiting for (I know you have...) because we're IN it! Check it out.

On another note, here's a funny list I found on Facebook called "You might be a swimmer if..."

...whenever you hear an electronic beep, you instinctively jump.

...you have rings around your eyes unrelated to the amount of sleep you got.

...waking up before dawn to exercise seems normal.

...jamming a piece of Styrofoam between your legs is not a kinky sexual activity.

...bugs die of chlorine poisoning when they land on your skin.

...the phrase "This set with fins" is better than hearing "You just won $1000".

...you answer, "I don't need to" when someone asks when you showered last.

...you learn how to squirt water 15 different ways.

...your long term goal is to slap your bicep on your lat.

...you suck at running.

...the only thing you can talk about is swimming.

...there are wet towels over every door in your house.

Yup, I'm a swimmer.

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HammerHead said...

You saw the hinged towel racks in our house, huh? -Wallace