Monday, April 27, 2009

How do people do it without swimming?

I've had a mildly rough week. NO one is dying, or very ill, or anything at all like that, but it's just been a slog to get through. And I consistently turn to the pool to get in and beat all of my frustration and tiredness out. I just don't know how normal folk do it without swimming :)

*warmup: 400 free, 300 back to breast by 25

add pull gear for:

*200 free, 2 x 150's
*300 free, 3 x 100's
*400 free, 4 x 100's

remove gear for:

*200, 4 x 50's fast
*100, 4 x 25's fast
*50, 4 x 25's fast

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